Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Yes. A round ball can roll up hill. Well sort of...

CDS Manufacturing designs and builds automatic equipment to sort spherical parts according to the quality of the sphere. Parts are fed from a bulk hopper to a vibratory inspection surface that separates the roundest product from parts with flats, doubles, clusters, foreign material, etc... Imperfect parts feel the effects of the vibratory surface while the roundest parts do not. Get the picture? Parts with flats, doubles, clusters, foreign materials, etc... are fed out the end of the system while the roundest parts roll off the other end. It's an amazing product that has found a home with solor energy product manufacturers and electronic component manufacturers who package their parts in round media. Their 5-up system inspects parts at an estimated rate of over 200,000 parts per hour !! Contact CDS Manufacturing for more info.....

CDS Manufacturing
1133 Mount Read Boulevard
Rochester, New York 14606
Ph: (585) 254-0050
Fax: (585) 254-0711

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