Thursday, March 5, 2009


CDS Manufacturing recently completed yet another step feeder system. These vibration free parts feeder systems have been selling at a record pace as an alternative to vibratory feeders.

They have posted a video of a step feeder system equipped with vision inspection equipment...
Here's the link....
The system shown in the video includes a step feeder, output conveyor, vision system, good / reject gating, and process controls for four different parts. Parts in the wrong orientation are diverted back into the step feeder. Mixed parts are gated as rejects, and good parts are fed off the end of the output conveyor.

CDS Manufacturing's Step Feeders offer low maintenance vibration free parts feeding with the ability to feed a wide variety of parts.

In a word..... Simple Reliability.

Contact CDS Manufacturing for more info on Step Feeders at....
CDS Manufacturing
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